Ratchet Lever Hoists are a form of hand operated chain hoist or commonly known as a ratchet puller or chain pulling device. Ideal for lifting, pulling and tensioning loads up to 10 Tonnes. 

Cranes-UK offer several ranges of quality industrial strength Ratchet Lever Hoists as well as Economy ranges for less intensive applications where budget is a priority. All of our Ratchet Pullers are chained to your desired height of lift and can be supplied with a number of finishes for different applications such as Aluminium, Plastic, Cast Iron and Spark Resistant materials for use in explosive atmospheres. We also supply Ratchet Lever Hoists designed for Sub Sea and ROV use.

Ratchet Hoists lift and lower the load in a controlled manor when the user operates the ratchet handle which turns the gears that pass the chain through the hoist body and lift/lower the load depending upon which direction the lever is operated in.

For more information and pricing on our versatile ranges of Ratchet Lever Hoists please contact our friendly sales team who will be happy to assist you with your requirements.

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