Hand Chain Hoists are a cost effective alternative to Electric Chain Hoists and are ideal for use in applications where power or air is not available. Often the simplest answer to lifting a load is to start with a Hand Chain Hoist, Chain Block or Manual Hoist which is capable of lifting almost any load up to 30 Tonnes with a safe and suitable lifting point.

Hand Chain Hoists can also be used to transport and lower a load once lifted. When used in combination with a beam trolley a chain hoist can horizontally travel the span of the beam of which it is connected to. Alternatively Hand Chain Hoists can be used in a static setup with the use of a fixed beam clamp which suspends the hoist from one desired location of the beam.



Cranes-UK supply a huge range of Chain Blocks and Hand Chain Hoists from top manufacturers such as Yale, Kito, Tractel, Raptor, Able, Stahl, Tiger and more. Supplying hand operated hoists designed with a particular environment in mind such as spark resistant hoists for explosive atmospheres, stainless steel and corrosion resistant hoists for use outdoors or in the food industry.

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