Chain hoists can be used with a wide range of lifting equipment, including jib cranes and gantries. They can be used in low headroom areas, allowing you more flexibility with your specifications. At Cranes-UK, we supply Electric Chain Hoists up to 30 Tonnes capacity to the global industrial lifting market.

Nearly every brand, type and model is offered, we always do our very best to meet the customers demands by supplying only the very best quality industrial hoists. We are distributors for these brands; Donati, Demag, Yale, GIS, Stahl, Kito, LiftKet, Verlinde, Lodestar, Tractel and Kone. This enables us to help assist you in finding a perfectly suited Electric Chain Hoist at the most competitive price on todays market.

When specifying your Electric Hoist you are required to know the following:

  • SWL (capacity) of the hoist(s)- This determines the size and model of the hoist.
  • Height of Lift- We need to know this to work out the length of the chain and the cost of any extra chain required
  • Supply Voltage- You will need to know this to get a price and when you order as it is the voltage your hoist will run on.
  • Beam Flange Width (if applicable) The helps us determine the size of the beam trolley if you need one.
  • Approx. Number of lifts per hour (or required duty) This helps us ensure you get the correct motor.
  • Number of Speeds and if known the hoisting & Travelling Speeds required- we will usually offer you speeds to consider.


Dual Speed - The more cost effective option is to have a single speed but most users prefer to have the option of dual speed control on all motion functions. This enables a slow speed for creeping a load in to place as well as a fast speed for normal operation.

Chain Container - This is the collection box or bag that collects the excess slack load chain and protects it from damaging the load as it is released from the hoist body when hoisting the load up. It is always advised that you add a slack chain collector, a cheap but effective option.

Limit Switches - Offered as standard on some hoists and optional on others, upper and lower limit switches allow the user to set extremely accurate positions for the maximum and minimum hook paths to ensure that the user cannot accidently lift or lower the load too far and damage something unintentionally. Often used to avoid bulky loads from damaging the hoist body.

Radio Remote Controls - As an alternative to a wired pendant control, buyers of Electric Chain Hoists are able to specify a radio control system which enables the user to stand at a safe, remote distance from the load, this has many added advantages such as the operator being able to see from a better angle of the load, he also remains a safer distance from the load and has better flexibility when operating the hoist in general. 

Please get in touch if there is anything you would like to know about electric chain hoists, or you would like up-to-date stock information. Call 01384 441 235, email info@cranes-uk.com or contact us online.

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