Electric Hoists up to 50 Tonnes from Cranes-UK. We supply the best quality fully certified Industrial Electric Chain Hoists and Electric Wire Rope Hoists designed for various applications from theatre rigging to Overhead Cranes, the most common type of hoist is the Electric Chain Hoist, the most popular capacities are 250kg to 10,000kg (1/4 Tonne to 10 Tonnes).

Electric hoists are ideal for applications where the hoist will be subject to intense operation or when the load is simply too large for a manual hoist. Although powered options are always more expensive- one does gain a far more advanced lifting device which will increase productivity and if applicable reduce strain to hoist operators that might otherwise have to physically operate the hoist via a chain or pulley, this can be very strenuous if in constant operation or when lifting extremely heavy loads. An Electric Hoist does all this for you and can be operated by one person quite easily.

Most businesses can realise the saving potential of an electric replacing a manual hoist as the productivity increase and labour reduction outweighs the extra cost of purchasing and maintaining the hosit over a period of time.

Cranes-UK are one of the most recognised suppliers of all brands and models of Electric Hoists in the world and boast an array of repeat customers that regularly take advantage of our low prices and quality service.

For more information or pricing on our range please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist with your requirements.

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