Ideal for export and for customers that have the facility to assemble. The Crane Kit is essentially a 'Flat Pack' crane. Each component of the crane is built by the manufacturer except for the crane beam, this is supplied by us or by the customer. The components, instead of being assembled in to a complete crane are packed up with the necessary installation manuals and fixings ready for shipping to the customer.

Crane Kits make international shipping of Overhead Cranes easier by reducing the main bulk of the load by enabling the end user to acquire the crane beam locally, this dramatically reduces the cost of shipping and the overall cost of an Overhead Crane. Many countries can supply Steel, not every country can supply an excellent quality Industrial Hoist, End Carriages and other crane components that are included in the Crane Kit.

International distributors of Overhead Cranes seeking quality hoists and components always choose Crane Kits as they are cost effective and can be manufactured and shipped to location quicker than a full Overhead Crane System ready for fitting to a crane bridge.

Further uses for the Crane Kits include restoration and refurbishment of Overhead Cranes, many older cranes require refurbishment or replacement, most of the time it is only the components that require replacing, not the actual Gantry Steel Work or Crane Bridge Beam, there for the Crane Kit is ideal in replacing all the major components of the crane except for the actual bridge, making for a much more cost effective refurbishment rather than replacement of the whole crane.

For more information on our range of Crane Kits from top quality manufacturers please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you with your requirements.

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