We offer a fully LOLER and PUWER compliant Overhead Crane Operator Training Courses on site at a convenient time to suit you. Our courses are designed to enable candidates to actively learn to operate Overhead Cranes and sling loads safely and efficiently. Candidates learn the following upon completing courses from our Overhead Crane Operator School:

  • Safe Systems of Work: This enables the candidate to learn a set system of operation in order to stay safe at all times.
  • Risk Assessment: Learn to to assess the risks when Operating Overhead Cranes and slinging loads.
  • Health & Safety at Work Act (1974): Candidates work through and understand the requirements and rights of this act in the workplace.
  • Lifting Regulations: Regulations are always changing over time, ensure your employees are up to date by enrolling them in this vital safety course. The "Do's and Don't's" of the Lifting Industry.
  • Crane Safety: This is the most important part of the course but is reflected in every stage to ensure that each candidate has the ability to operate an Overhead Crane and sling loads in the safest manor possible.
  • Crane Operation: Candidates are taught how to operate cranes and shown all of the emergency stop procedures.
  • Lifting Equipment/Tackle: Operators in training learn how to lift loads using under the hook equipment.
  • Site Conditions: If conditions are poor operating cranes can be a hazard, especially outdoors, your employees will learn how to make the decision if operation is safe or not.
  • Inspection: Learn how to visually inspect all equipment before operation and report any defects to the supervisor.
  • Maintenance: Light maintenance such as lubrication should always be carried out when required by the operator, this course shows the candidate how, when and where to perform this.
  • Safe Slinging: Vital when using under the hook equipment and slinging loads, learn to use slings safe, understand I.D. tag information, distinguish loading angles and not to overload slings. 
  • Records & Certification: Learn how to quickly check a cranes latest inspection and service records to ensure you are operating a safe crane. Candidates also learn what certifications lifting equipment and cranes require.
    The perfect course to fully introduce your workers to their new crane system integrates a examination to ensure full competency.
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