Professional Lifting Equipment

Professional Lifting Equipment
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Professional Lifting Equipment

Lifting gear plays a pivotal role across a multitude of industries, including construction, offshore, marine, automotive, agriculture and aerospace.

Lifting gear plays a pivotal role across a multitude of industries, including construction, offshore, marine, automotive, agriculture and aerospace.

Overhead cranes, jib cranes and electric hoists make the daunting task of lifting heavy loads safer and more manageable. There are many specialist types of lifting equipment that are extremely useful, used across the globe daily, such as ratchet hoists, lifting slings, shackles, clamps, jacks, beam trolleys, drum lifting equipment and container lifting gear. No matter how harsh or demanding your applications may be, our wide range of lifting gear suits all pockets, delivering all of the following advantages.

Superb safety

Lifting heavy items is one of the leading causes of injury in the workplace. According to the National Safety Council, every seven seconds one worker is injured on the job. Fortunately, today’s crop of cutting-edge lifting gear can help prevent back sprains, muscle pulls, wrist injuries, elbow injuries, spinal injuries, and other problems caused by lifting heavy objects. That said, equipment must be inspected by qualified personnel and used by workers who are trained to handle them safely and efficiently

Save time and elevate efficiency

Speed is perhaps the most common reason as to why many businesses make the shift away from manual handling to specialist gear. The material handling equipment market continues to expand with pioneering products that drive performance, increasing speed and efficiency. Handling equipment such as hooks, slings, manual cranes, forklifts, trucks, short distance conveyors, side-loaders, pallet jacks and pallet trucks all help to reduce strain and prevent injuries. They also help teams increase productivity and complete challenging tasks easier, safer and faster.


Grow your business

Lifting gear is proven to improve productivity, yet it can also deliver cost benefits as a result. All of the lifting equipment you’ll discover on our website can play an important role in accelerating business growth. The task of lifting heavy loads demands a great deal of physical manpower, which, as a result, involves considerable continuous expense. With much of the manual work replaced, businesses can save a great deal of time and money.


Complete control and customisation

The sheer volume of lifting gear available today is excellent for customisability. Equipment can be provided with various attachments and tools, allowing businesses of all sizes to choose lifting equipment that meets their specific requirements.



Lifting gear can make a workplace safer and more productive. The equipment we supply is widely used in industries like construction, mining, manufacturing, industrial, chemical and automotive. The cost of the equipment varies considerably; however, for most businesses, prices are easily justified because of the ROI they deliver.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of lifting equipment or wish to speak to a member of our team about your needs, please call us on 01384 441235 or send us a message.

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