Overhead Crane Supplied to Artist Conrad Shawcross

Overhead Crane Supplied to Artist Conrad Shawcross
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Overhead Crane Supplied to Artist Conrad Shawcross

Cranes-UK were delighted to welcome the opportunity of working with World famous artist Conrad Shawcross, having recently taken delivery of a Cranes-UK 2 Tonne Overhead Crane we are proud to share the story.

Recognised globally for his impressive mechanical sculptures based around philosophical and scientific ideas. Conrad is the youngest living member of the Royal Academy of Arts. Shawcross's work is proudly exhibited throughout the world.

As Conrads work has progressed his designs have become larger and heavier pieces that require additional lifting equipment to manufacture and load on to transport. After much consideration of design and specification Cranes-UK and Shawcross's representative agreed a suitable combination that would not only provide function and reliability but also look sleek and discreet in his workshop. The final result was a low profile underslung fully motorised overhead crane with radio control, painted in duck eggshell colour to match existing structures. The crane was assembled in a timely manner in our workshop and installed in just one day!


Crane Specification:

  • SWL: 2 Tonnes
  • Span: 6m
  • Hoist: Stahl ST20, dual speed with dual speed electric travel
  • Cranes-UK control panel and custom fabricated end carriages
  • Radio Control System: ARC Flex 8EX

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