Electric Chain Hoists For Production

Electric Chain Hoists For Production
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Electric Chain Hoists For Production

Production of even lighter objects can cause strain to a worker thus slowing them down and decreasing productivity rates. With our ranges of Electric Chain Hoists you will experience how a small change can increase productivity and worker satisfaction amongst almost any production line. 

 When lifting even regular weighted loads on a regular basis can cause strain and slow workers down, our ranges of hoists take the strain and increase productivity among users dramatically. Consider our high quality industrial hoists for your production line.

Cranes-UK offer Electric Chain Hoists able to easily assist with the picking and placing of light and heavy loads with controls mounted on the hook specifically for production lines or the option of a fixed wired pendant or radio control system for operations where it is ideal and safer to have the operator at a distance from the load.

We offer Electric Chain Hoists that take a load of up to 30,000kg or 30 Tonnes and we can pretty much always offer a hoist to suit your needs and our team will bend over backwards to assist you with your requirements. Never settling for less than the best, we only supply top quality hoists- however reasonable prices are always offered.

Aside from normal 'off the shelf' specifications we are also fully experienced in the supply of bespoke specifications for unusual environments such as ATEX approved hoists for use in explosive atmospheres or hoists designed for use in a food production area where stainless steel components are a must and even hoists designed for use outdoors, rest assured that Cranes-UK offer it all with a smile.

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